Poems Of Life: The Challenges, Death, Happiness, and Love.
"Every man dies.Not every man lives."~William Wallace
Our Introduction into Life: Life.gif

Our group has chosen the topic of Life. We categorized life into four subjects: challenges, death, happiness, and love. Each person got a topic, which their poems chosen are related to. Happiness is a feeling within life. We all feel it at some point, some more, some less. Happiness can be invoked through smell, taste, a person, or even thing. Your OWN happiness is not to be placed within someone else's hands; you are the only one that can choose when and when not to be happy. To be happy, we must look within ourselves and find it. -Hayley
Death is an inevitable fate. No matter what you try to do it will happen. Even though people don't like the thought of death because it's sad and heartbreaking, it's a fact of life and will eventually happen. Although I can't speak for most people, but I'm terrified of death and it's quite funny. That's a sadistic on my part but it's funny because I think death is only the beginning of life. So, when think of death, think that your life prepared you for it and when it happens just hope you go out with a bang 'cause it wouldn't be worth it if you didn't. -Zania
Challenges are found in everyone's life. And there are many challenges that people face. Drugs, depression, abuse, and death are some of the challenges that I picked to talk about. I like this topic because everyone can relate to it. Some challenges are hard to overcome, and you'll need someone to help you. But in other cases you'll need to help yourself. I don't like challenges but I know they make me a better person because you learn a lesson. These lessons can help you further in life, and help you not go down a wrong road. -Shaiday
Love is an amazing act of kindness and showing your care for another thing or person. Love is in the eye of the beholder and can only be described by that on special person. I think love is a spark that can change every thought you have and can change your outlook on life. And when you find that person who returns your love it's like the heavens open up. "Love is the only shocking act left on the planet"- Ashton Kutcher. -Yemi

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Happiness Is... By: Barbara Lynn Terry
This poem talks about, all the things that can make a person happy. From carnivals to ice cream, in great detail it describes it all. It goes through the different stages of life, marriage to old age, even childhood. It gave a good comparison of the different happiness of life. I thought it was a way to reflect on the past and look to what might make you happy in the future.

True Happiness By: Gabby Bolduc
This is about a girl, who is truly happy. It describes how when you are happy, your whole demeanor changes. It talks about the girl's smile, and how beautiful it is. I really liked this poem because it describes what the true happiness is, we all strive for. It also talks about how the girl had always been sad and lonely and now this is her true first time being happy.

Give me the Splendid Silent Sun By: Walt Whitman
This poem is about the happy things in life. The person wants to be given simpler things in life, to make him/her happy. It is more of a country poem, because the person is talking about corn, and wheat. It's a good poem for more simple effects of happiness, it was a happy poem. I thought it showed great emotion and imagery.

Taste of Happiness By: Pauline Oliver
The Taste of Happiness is talking about foods that can make you happy. It talks about what can you not live without. It may be related to food; however it is still talking about happiness, in an abnormal way. Food can also invoke happy memories. I choose this poem because it was another view of happiness. It relates to life because in life we all crave for something, and we all want something. Be it sweet, sour, or plain.

The Happy Life By: Hayley Patterson
The Happy Life discusses how the most simple things in life can make you happy. The speaker telling the poem talks about "inhaling the sweet aromas," this can be interpreted as being in the countryside enjoying the simplicity of it. They talk about laying back in tranquility; she focuses on the smells of life. It is a related to life and happiness, because the speaker is talking about the one thing that makes her happy. In life there is happiness and she found it.

Eternal Sleep By Marinellie Rivera
This poem is about how the poet felt tortured by the Devil's calls. So, in order to cease this she bowed to him, or called him her master. This being so, she was still tortured. To end this pain she chose eternal sleep, also known as, death. She chose death because she didn't want to be tortured by the Devil's minions. I like this poem because, even though she gave in to her temptations and pleasure in the end she still won. This shows that even though you give in to your weakness you can still win in the end.
Dream Forever By Zania
I wrote this poem because of our theme, which is life. My poem is about death. I wrote this kind of because of the poem eternal sleep and also because of what m dad said. I didn't always think of dreaming forever like that until middle school. When my dad told me that I thought maybe I wouldn't want to dream forever anymore. Sometimes I still do but that's only when I get really frustrated and need to escape. So, when I wrote about this poem it put dreaming into the right perspective for me.

A Fresh Endeavour By Mark Slaughter
This poem is about a husband dying before his wife, but, then his wife dying and them being buried next to each other. I think this poem is more about love but about death to because they both die but are reunited together in the end. I believe the poet wanted his wife to know this so if he died before her not to be upset and heartbroken because they'll live on in each other's heart, even after death. I like this poem a lot because people should know that death isn't always the end of everything, sometimes it's the beginning to a new happiness and love.

The City in the Sea By Edgar Allen Poe
This poem paints a picture of how Mr. Poe thinks of death. It shows that death or, as I would say, the reaper, has its own castle. It shows that it has a castle of Babylonian times and is very medieval type, or so I think. I really like this poet because he paints a picture of what he's talking about and I really like that in poetry. He's one of my favorite poets because this and because of how he writes about, not only death, but also love, and how something's people never really seems to think about.

Thoughts of Death By Sterling A. Brown
This poem is about how the poet sees death. When he thinks of death he paints a picture of how some people think death would come for them. Towards the end he shows how death would come for the reader saying "Death will come to you, I think, Like an old shrewd gardener, Culling his rarest blossom..." even though he's talking about death he ends the poem sweetly by saying this. I like this poem because of how it paints somewhat of a picture for the reader of he thinks some people see them self dying.
In and Out of Time
by: Maya Angelou

This poem is a moving poem. Maya Angelou wrote this poem about how a woman loved her significant other. It tells a story and list of what and why she loves him. It also tells about their times together, and there loving memories. To me, when she says "in and out of time" she means she loved him through all the years and through all the rough patches and good times that they had together. I picked this because it is beautifully written and paints a beautiful image in my head.

Middle Ages Love By: Gary R. Hess

This poem is one of my favorites because of its medieval feel to the poem. It reminds me of back in the day when chivalry wasn't dead. The poem uses middle age terms and makes it sound like a classic fairytale. And because it's a male perspective it's very sweet. In the end he says "To live happily ever after, and have a story book ending" which makes me think that this is a dream or maybe even a distant fantasy.

A Midcentury Love Letter by Phyllis McGinley

This poem touches my heart. All he wants to do is hold her hand and hold her close. And it sounds like she's a million miles away. I love how he makes the simplest act sound so romantic and meaningful. It talks as though he is speaking to her, trying to ask her to stay with him. I think that this poem is more sensual then anything and that makes it so sweet and so loving. And that's why I think this is the name of it, because no one talks like that anymore. No one just wants to sit, hold hands and share their feelings anymore.

Cruel World
by: Paul Curtis

This poem starts off kind of depressing. It begins to talk about how the author's world came shattering down when he lost his love. How he lost her it does not say it just talked about how he shut the world out after. In the first four stanzas it ends in the line "I turned my back upon the world." Now you would think this doesn't sound like a love poem. But it is dealing with the heartbreak side of love and has a happy ending. To me it sounds like a redemption poem because by the end the last line says "now I'm back again into the world".

Shattered Wings
by: Yemi

This is my poem I co- wrote with Hayley. Unlike the others it talks about the sadder side of love. That sadder side is called heartbreak. Not a lot of people really understand how heartbreak can really affect a person. When it says "because I am afraid if i fall just a little more, I'm gonna end up flat splat of the concrete" it talks about the fear of love because of past hurt.

Song of Love: Something by Drake

Teenage Depression By: Sarah Cobb
This poem is about a girl being pushed
to far. People that are making fun of her are responsible for her being depressed,
and wanting to end her life. This poem was chosen because it deals with the challenge of depression.
He's Abusing You
This poem deals with the challenges being abused. In the poem a woman is being hit and beaten by her boyfriend. She tries to act like he still loves her. He buys her gifts and takes her out to try and make up for it, and she still takes him back. This poem was chosen because it deals with the challenge of abuse.
Kathleen Hays
This poem is from the book "After The Death of Anna Gonzales." This chapter which is basically a poem about a girl's brother who has cancer. The challenge of seeing her brother happy when he's sick is over bearing. But what she doesn't understand is why Anna had health and she chose death, but her brother is dying and he is still
smiling and happy.
Europe On $5 A Day
Margret Atwood's poem "Europe On $5 A Day" is telling the life of a European homeless man. This poem was chosen because being homeless is a challenge in life. The man sees life different from everybody else because he doesn't have a life like everybody else. This poem really shows the different perspectives of life to different people.
Lovely Little Bird
This poem was written by me. This poem was chosen because in it, it talks about the challenge of low self esteem and overcoming that. The little bird finally becomes
confident in the end and finds her own identity. But after all of the obstacles that she is faced with she rises to the occasion.
FORM:form.htmThe poet, Sterling A. Brown, wrote his poem, Thoughts of Death, as 3 stanzas and 18 lines. The sentences I believe were broken up at random.
Even so, the way he broke up the poem I think he wants the reader to actually take in what he's saying, and to think about how Death would be, and how it would affect them. So, in the end the way he broke up the poem, he was trying to make it more dramatic and intense.

The poet, Marinellie Rivera, wrote her poem, Eternal Sleep, as 8 stanzas and 32 lines. I think the first sentence is broken like this to add more of an impact on the word death. The rest of the poem is broken up at random. I think the poem was laid out like this because the poet wanted the reader to get a better feel of how she felt on death. Not only this, but to add an eerily effect to the poem as it goes on.

-The poem I choose is Happiness Is. This poem doesn't rhyme and doesn't follow a distinct rhyme scheme:
"Happiness is an ice cream cone with a chocolate coating, and lots and lots of sprinkles. Happiness is a child's laughter. Happiness is
two people holding hands while walking dreamily in the park. Happiness is two people in love".
-I found one alliteration which was "holding hands".
-There were no forms of onomatopoeia.
-To me the rhythm of this poem is kind of choppy because it jumps around.

-The second poem I choose is the poem I wrote Lovely Little Bird . This poem follows the normal AA.BB.CC.DD rhyme scheme:
"I saw the lovely bird in the tree
After a while it seemed like the that bird was me. She kicked, cried, and kept screaming. How could this be happening when the sun was beaming.
She sat and laid in her lovely little nest. While the squirrels came and threw nuts and her chest. The [[#|depression]] weighted a ton."
-There's no alliteration, or onomatopoeia.
-The rhythm of my poem is smooth because it rhymes and it has a beat.

-These two poems have more differences than similarities. Lovely Little Bird follows a rhyme scheme, while Happiness Is doesn't.
They are similar because the both do not have any onomatopoeia. The two poems are completely different in the sound aspect of them but
they both talk about the challenges of life.
~In all of our poems we had practically nothing in common, but we did all have a close poetic flow from the poems we chose to the ones we wrote. And all have some kind of alliteration, metaphor and other figurative language. Lastly all of our poems have length to them none of them are under 5 lines.

~Imagery is when an author uses descriptive words to appeal to one or all of your senses. In the poem Lovely Little Bird it has vivid imagery of a bird and squirrels. "She sat and laid in her lovely little nest, while the squirrels came and threw nuts at her chest." I picked this because its so descriptive that I can actually see that poor little bird getting beat down and feel her pain. Another example is from the poem Eternal Sleep it says "the pain is spreading through my veins; it burns like fire and melts away." I chose this one because I can literally feel the pain that this author is writing about.

~ A simile is a comparison using like or as. Also in Eternal Sleep the same line "it burns like fire and melts away" is used for simile. This really was one of the only similes that I was attracted to because it expression and emotion while not being boring. Another simile used was "fly so high she'll surpass the sky, like the energizer bunny she'll keep going and going" from Lovely Little Bird. This one again created an image in my head while still being a simile. I love it because it's comparing the bird and the energizer bunny.

~A metaphor is exactly like a simile except metaphors don't use like or as. A perfect example of this is "after a while it seemed like that bird was me." from Shaiday's poem Lovely Little Bird. In the poem it's just one big metaphor. Throughout the whole thing she's comparing herself and the little bird she sees sitting in a tree. The next metaphor that I read was in Give Me A Splendid Silent Sun "give me nights perfectly quiet, as on high plateaus west of the Mississippi"—the metaphor "give me splendid silent sun" I picked this one because it has a beautiful poetic flow.

~Personification is giving an object or idea human characteristics. Sadly I couldn't find any personification in the poems we did. But I did however find a hint of personification in the poem Lovely Little Bird. In that poem it says "she killed cried and kept screaming". She is referring to the bird in the poem. I don't know much about birds but I don't think they do any of those three things.

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